On the evening of ██/██/████, The Wardens of the Pathways were dispatched to a three bedroom semi-detached house located in ████████, London. Initially they were alerted to its location after detecting a series of electromagnetic pulses consistent with the classic model of a small scale reality breach originating from the Unknighted Kingdom. According to calculations, the reality breach was suspected to be that of an object weighing no more than 500g.

Upon arrival, a woman, suspected to be in her mid forties, greeted The Wardens of the Pathways in a polite manner and invited them in. The woman was relaxed and friendly, and seemed to be completely unaware of her physical appearance.

According to the official field report, she spoke in a strained manner that sounded ‘distant’, ‘scratched’, and ‘similar to a digital recording that had been overly compressed’. She offered The Wardens coffee and asked them to take a seat. Senior Warden Wn ████ █████ asked the lady if she happened to own a small hand mirror. She replied that she did and after a few moments absence she returned with the mirror and presented it to him. Wn ████ █████ asked if she would be so kind as to take a look in the mirror and describe exactly what she saw. Confused, but cooperative, she described the features of a forty six years old blonde female with hazel eyes, thin lips and a slightly depressing nose that she wasn’t overly fond of. Wn ████ █████ thanked her and informed her that he had no further questions.

The woman was subsequently taken into custody and the house was searched, sealed off and placed under tight security.

From the Report of Wn ████ █████
Date: ██/██/████
Case #: 2940

Following the search of the premises belonging to Miss ████████ █████, we can confirm that the anomalous object has been recovered. At the time of writing Miss ████████ █████ is of stable mind and is cooperating fully with our investigations. She is being held at Location ██ under twenty four hour surveillance. Her condition remains unchanged.

The recovered object is a small, plastic, digital camera measuring 15cm x 9cm x 3cm, and weighing 375g. It is bright pink in colour (Pantone PMS 219), and is affixed with a lens measuring 0.5cm in diameter, and a front facing touchscreen measuring 12cm x 8cm. The body of the camera houses a standard female USB port, and a single button, positioned next to the upper right of the screen, is the only discernible moving part. Though no more than a cheap toy in appearance, all efforts to dismantle it have resulted in failure.

A simple operating system allows the user to scroll through photographs. Options to edit or delete a photograph are absent. Internal storage capacity is unknown. The camera also has an option to connect to wifi networks via an onscreen menu.

A pink cardboard box, with a small transparent plastic window, was also recovered from the house. This is believed to be camera’s original packaging. The words ‘Selfie Cam’ are printed in English in an unidentifiable font. Manufacturer’s markings are absent from both camera and packaging. The camera has been classed as extremely dangerous.

Miss ████████ █████ has informed us that she purchased the camera from a street market whilst on holiday in ██████, a small costal town in the Antalya region of Turkey. We have reason to believe that this is the where the reality breach originates from. Wardens have be deployed to carry out further tests and secure the pathway.

The camera contains over one thousand images of Miss ████████ █████. It is important to note that the earliest pictures of Miss ████████ █████ appear quite ordinary; some are blurred, some overexposed, some underexposed. However, by image #100 noticeable differences start to appear. The resolution of the images dramatically improve. Her complexion adopts a more youthful tone and her eyes appear significantly brighter. By image #200 her lips are full, her hair immaculate, and wrinkles that were clearly visible in the earliest photos have disappeared. The trend continues throughout all the images; her beauty increases as does the clarity of her features. By image #700 she is almost unrecognisable.

Analysis of the Selfie Cam under test conditions has yielded some interesting results:

Under observation, a subject was given the camera and asked to take a series of selfies. After taking fifty photos the subject was asked to stop and describe his feelings. The subject reported slight anxiety linked to an increasing desire to take more photos. The subject was then asked to continue. After the subject had taken two hundred photos, there was a noticeable difference in his appearance. The experiment was deemed too dangerous to continue and all further tests on humans were banned. The subject is now being treated for mild depression, and apart from the change to his facial features, he is otherwise unharmed. We have since conducted similar tests, photographing numerous inanimate objects and animals, and can confirm that the camera has no effect on either.

We have concluded that the change in Miss ████████ █████’s appearance has been caused by use of the Selfie Cam. Reviewing the thousands of photos on the various social networks Miss ████████ █████ was connected to further confirms this. Even though it was apparent that the images she was uploading from the Selfie Cam were becoming increasingly disproportionate to her natural beauty, she continued. Interviews with Miss ████████ █████ confirms that the Selfie Cam blinds its user to the physical changes it causes.

Through continued use of the Selfie Cam, the appearance of Miss ████████ █████ has drastically deteriorated. Her eyes are now covered with a thin membrane of flesh, her nose and ears have eroded away, her hair hangs in lank greasy strands, and her mouth is a tiny hole in an otherwise featureless face.

With each subsequent click of a button, the Selfie Cam physically destroys its subject, whilst simultaneously creating the illusion of the opposite. It is now securely contained within a vault.

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