Victorian Pimp 1.0

For those who like to evoke the dirty sleaze of the nineteenth century, Victorian Pimp 1.0 is the ideal Eve City extension. Following beta tester feedback, the basic download will include all streets, open spaces, landmarks and public transport network overlays. Initial release will be limited to Eve City and rolled out across the rest of The Unknighted Kingdom in the coming months. With its vast areas of featureless pearlescent architecture, glass streets, neutral toned faux flora and monochromatic apparel, Eve City is considered the ideal testing ground for large scale distributions of this kind. Glitch harvesters will be deployed in the more densely populated areas of the city to ensure the smooth running of Victorian Pimp 1.0.

Victorian Pimp 1.0 – Ingestion

The application will run on any standard iLimbic system running DreamBlade 4.1 or higher and is available for consumption from the mouth of your local iL1VE Horse Corpse. Please ensure that your Human Incubation Cable (HIC) is securely connected to your tongue whilst ingesting the application. If prompted, choose ‘Optic Drop’ to channel the equine bodily fluids, secreted from the decomposing cheeks of the iL1VE Horse Corpse, to the correct cell cluster via your HIC. Victorian Pimp 1.0 is a visual enhancement application only. It will not alter your personality or affect your sense of time. You will be acutely aware of your actual surroundings following an orientation period of approximately ten minutes. *

Victorian Pimp 1.0 – Features

Victorian Pimp 1.0 completely transforms your immediate environment. It has a visual range of to up to five kilometres. Once orientation is complete, the landscape will appear exactly how it was in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Meticulously crafted textures, thoroughly researched and with no detail spared, will be superimposed onto every architectural element. This fully immersive application will have you convinced that you are experiencing an authentic Victorian city. Cobbled streets, smog and the smell of sewage are all part of the charm. We are particularly proud of how our textures accurately map moving objects; automobiles appear as horse drawn carriages and trains are overlaid with historically referenced textures belonging to steam engines. The experience of Victorian Pimp 1.0, unlike earlier applications of this kind, is not restricted to exterior details. All period furnishings and interiors are included in the standard package. Simply walk into any building, shop, school, hospital, house, church or police station to enjoy this added layer of augmentation that Victorian Pimp 1.0 provides.

Victorian Pimp 1.0 – Extensions

Victorian Pimp 1.0 launches with two extension packs available for purchase: STEAMPUNK OVERLOAD and PIMP MY POMP.

STEAMPUNK OVERLOAD is suited to those who are more fantastically inclined. Certain objects in the Victorian environment are further augmented by the addition of elements from the once popular steampunk genre of literature. For example, with STEAMPUNK OVERLOAD enabled, the object cloaking employed in Victorian Pimp 1.0 that obscures all aircraft from view is disabled. Aircraft remain visible, but the intricate textures of steam powered airships now map their surfaces. Those with a keen eye will notice brass mechanical automatons at the helm of the airships, powering their enormous bulks through sepia tinted, smog laden skies. In true steampunk spirt, pulleys, gears and levers adorn many other architectural features and, whilst superficial in nature, add to the rich tapestry of the STEAMPUNK OVERLOAD experience.

PIMP MY POMP takes Victorian Pimp 1.0 into the world of fashion. With the PIMP MY POMP extension enabled, you will be able to take to the streets as a lord or lady in full Victorian regalia. If this isn’t your particular fancy, how about street urchin? Chimney sweep? Inn keeper? Market trader? Businessman? Catholic priest? The options are endless. The textures of the period clothing map seamlessly onto your existing attire. To change outfits, simply secrete a small amount of blood from a tear duct and, using a finger, draw the symbol on your cheek that corresponds to the outfit you wish to wear. (A full list of symbols can be found covering the naked body of the application’s guide. To invoke their presence, draw a circle on your cheek in the secreted blood.) PIMP MY POMP is a highly recommended addition to STEAMPUNK OVERLOAD. With its built in accessory extensions, the surfaces of objects such as rucksacks and jewellery will adopt the appearance of steam powered jet packs and Victorian super sleuth gadgets.

Victorian Pimp 1.0 – Terms of Use

Every effort has been made by iL1VE to ensure that Victorian Pimp 1.0 provides a safe environment for exploration. However, for users with a history of dissociative disorders, only low level exposure to any iL1VE product is recommended. For indications of extreme reactions to Victorian Pimp 1.0, a harmless rash, in the shape of an exclamation mark, will appear on the wrist following the ingestion of equine bodily fluids from a iL1VE Horse Corpse. iL1VE accepts no responsibility for the wellbeing of users exhibiting this rash who choose to immerse themselves in the world of Victorian Pimp 1.0. You have been warned.

*A reality stabiliser pill should be taken with water at least four hours prior to ingesting Victorian Pimp 1.0, L.A. Bladerunner: Fuck Like a Replicant, Wild West: Six Bullet Angel or any other iL1VE application.

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