Victorian Pimp 1.0

For those who like to evoke the dirty sleaze of the nineteenth century, Victorian Pimp 1.0 is the ideal Eve City extension. Following beta tester feedback, the basic download will include all streets, open spaces, landmarks and public transport network overlays. Initial release will be limited to Eve City and rolled out across the rest of The Unknighted Kingdom in the coming months. With its vast areas of featureless pearlescent architecture, glass streets, neutral toned faux flora and monochromatic apparel, Eve City is considered the ideal testing ground for large scale distributions of this kind. Glitch harvesters will be deployed in the more densely populated areas of the city to ensure the smooth running of Victorian Pimp 1.0.

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Buttons and Sparkle

“Crazy man, dancing like nobody else exists in the universe. Tripping to his own beat. Flipping the rhythm switches of the soul. You remember?”

“The night Resurrected played?”


“Sure do. Seen some shit, but that? Man, that guy was pure groove maverick.”

“Tell em, tell em.”

“Tell us what?”

“It was at that weekender in Eve Gardens last year. You know the one?”

“Yeah, couldn’t get tickets. Gig was sold out in minutes.”

“Right. Guess we got lucky. Was one mental ride. Should have seen it. Resurrected had a special line up that night. I guess that’s why it sold out so quick. Every dead musician you can think of played their jam on that evening. Stage was packed with ghosts.

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Mr Tick Tock’s Clock Shop is full of curious timepieces. Many come from far and wide to view his exquisite collection, but few succeed in their endeavours. It is said that this is because his shop only exists at half past the second. It flickers in and out of existence to the ticking of a special clock, and only those who can successfully adjust their perception of time are able to determine the location of his establishment. This, in a way, is how Mr Tick Tock screens his clients.

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Puppet Master

The Maker’s workbench is dusted with a special compound of his own devising. A face-mask must be worn at all times during the course of his operations. The compound itself is non toxic, but it is imperative that disturbances, even those of the breath, are kept to a minimum until the appropriate time. Over the years he has become extremely adept at this, carrying out each of the required movements his craft demands in the momentary stillness between the beating of his heart.

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